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masteradd layout hack to unify heights of plugin fieldsetsAndrew Dolgov13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-02-26add layout hack to unify heights of plugin fieldsetsHEADmasterAndrew Dolgov
2019-02-26bookmarklets: add more info linkAndrew Dolgov
2019-02-25prefs-set -> prefsAndrew Dolgov
2019-02-25pref-prefs: fix markupAndrew Dolgov
2019-02-25plugin list: update layoutAndrew Dolgov
2019-02-25OPML: include (and import) ttrss per-feed update interval and sort orderAndrew Dolgov
2019-02-24tree: remove position=relative hacksAndrew Dolgov
2019-02-24feedtree offset changes should apply to font iconsAndrew Dolgov
2019-02-24dijit tabs: fix icon offsetsAndrew Dolgov
2019-02-24logger/sql: limit maximum context length on mysql because mysqlAndrew Dolgov